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Before the formation of The Escapes, Keely Rammage-Scott had grown up listening to and playing music, with piano being her staple instrument since the age of seven. She continued to take piano lessons all the way through elementary and high school, and picked up the guitar and ukulele along the way. She met Isobel at a summer camp in 2013, and both became instant friends and kept in close touch ever since. Around the same time Isobel filled in for the boys in 2015, Keely was working with Jesse Burch on her guitar skills when he knowingly convinced her to learn bass and introductions followed. Keely is now officially the bassist for The Escapes but also lends her skill to piano and ukulele at various gigs.

Keely works hard at extending her songwriting capabilities, and her knowledge in as many instruments and parts of the industry as she can understand. She is always striving to master her current instruments, but also has a goal to learn many others and extend her multi-instrumentalism.

She is a social media whiz, and is a mastermind at promoting our shows and events to everyone, everywhere.  She tells it like it is, and is not afraid to express her opinion and we love her for it.  She can currently be seen at balancing her studies at SFU in Communications, working at Tom Lee Music (which isn't a surprise, really), ripping down a mountain on her skis in the winter months, and still making time for good laughs with friends and family.  Her musical influences are Fleetwood Mac, Michelle Branch, Lawrence, Walk Off The Earth, Haim, and Paramore.